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Thank You for visiting VoteMace! This website is dedicated to the successful 2020 election of Amos Mace to the Huerfano County Board of County Commissioners representing District 1. How could have I expected the conditions within our county to have changed so much since the day I decided to toss my hat in the ring? How many times have I questioned myself if the pathway toward leadership is the direction I should take during these times? When I consider these questions the answers I find within myself are that nobody could have considered the rate and magnitude of the changes Covid-19 initiated, and if I don't proceed forward with my pathway toward leadership now, what kind of a leader would I be anyway. So, like a person turning into a cold wind, setting off up a long hill, or dedicating themselves to what could be a difficult task; I press myself forward to offer that which I have to offer. Onward, we shall go! The storm shall break, then night shall give way to the dawn, the summit shall crown the hill.
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Committee to Elect Amos Mace
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